Services Offered
Mycopter Aviation Services maintenance Services includes:  

•	Line and Base Maintenance
•	Defect troubleshooting
•	Modification and Service Bulletin Embodiment
•	Annual Inspection
•	Aircraft Sales and Export
•	Helicopter Track and Balance
•	Avionics Maintenance
•	Refurbishment and Refits

•	Annual Radio Inspection.
•	Annual Compass Swing.
•	Pitot Static & Instrument Calibration.
•	Transponder Mode S Programming.
•	Electrical Load Analysis.
•	ELT Programming & Battery Replacement.
•	MPFR (FDR & CVR) Data Download & Analysis-  Penny & Giles.
•	Battery General Overhaul & Capacity Check (Ni-Cad & Lead Acid).
•	Aviation Database Update (EGPWS, Jeppesen, Garmin, Honeywell).
•	Avionics Modification & System Upgrade.

Mycopter is the only general aviation company that holds Design Organization Approval (DOA) by Civil Aviation Authority Malaysia.
Being a DCA Malaysia approved organisation we are able to undertake a broad range of structural design and avionic certification services and approve any minor Design changes under our own approval.
Services offered:
•	Modification Data Package generation
•	Design of cockpit upgrades
•	Wiring Diagrams and Repair Scheme preparations
•	Liaison with regulatory Body
Design Portfolio Example:
•	Wescam MX15i Camera Installation on AS355N
•	EC120B Lidar Installation
•	Single Pole Camera mount on AS350 and AS355
•	B737 livery scheme
•	Beechcraft King Air 200 Ultracam Vexcell Camera Installation

Mycopter is a CAAM Part M approved CAMO organisation. Our team of expert and highly experienced CAMO personnel are available to provide CAMO support for aircraft being imported onto 9M Malaysian registrations. 
•	Maintenance Forecasting.
•	Aircraft Sourcing and Pre-Purchase Inspection.
•	Aircraft Valuation (Certified for Piston Aircraft).
•	Aircraft Weighing.
•	9M Registration services and advisory.
•	Technical Queries Assistance.
•. 	Maintenance Planning
•	Management of New Aircraft Warranty with OEMs		
•	Airworthiness Directives /Service Bulletin review and accomplishment Preparation and Issue of work order	
•	Control of Airworthiness Data				
•	Monitoring of Life Limited Part				
•	Concession Management				
•	Distribution of Approved Data				
•	Aircraft Maintenance Program management	
•	Maintenance Planning Software				
•	Daily/Monthly Aircraft Status Report	
•	Technical Record and Document Management;
•	Aircraft  Logbook updating		
•	Component Log Card updating		
•	Storage of Aircraft Record